Best Birthday Gifts

You can hang a Scentsy circle in the flavor of your choice in any room, including your closet, to make it smell good.

The liquid inside of Galileo thermometers is often a metallic liquid called, mercury, but is sometimes colored alcohol.

A sand pendulum can be quite entertaining and really makes a wonderful gift for just about any age person.

A unique anniversary gift option instead of an anniversary clock would be a beautiful sand timer.

If you had the impression that glass fusion lamps were only made with flowers or butterflies, check out our beach beauty pattern.

When you make a globe available and accessible in your home, your children will enjoy learning about people who live in different countries.

We carry unique, classic, eye-catching gifts that are perfect for your office or lobby.

You will love the beautiful nightlight warmers that make inexpensive gifts for just about anyone.

I can help show you how to make the most from hosting a party and help if you decide to be a Scentsy consultant yourself.

For those who would enjoy a career as a Scentsy consultant, please call and talk with me.